Improvers’ Tournament – March 17th

Another glorious winter of tennis is drawing to a close and it is time to look ahead to the joys of playing in the warm, dry and daylight – spring will soon be here.

In April club membership is renewed and it is a period of transition for Improvers: do another course or move up to full membership.  This is not an easy decisions for you or the club. Club play is an unknown and intimidating prospect after the comfortable camaraderie of the Improvers course:

“I’m not good enough” you think,

“Maybe I’ll just do another course to be on the safe side”

From┬áthe club’s point of view, we don’t know how you have been doing over the last few months since you finished the course. have you been playing and sharpening those skills you were taught or has the damp winter air put you off playing again this week.

So, to help both parties, we will be running an Improvers tournament on March 17th at 7 pm, with the added spice of having invited some club players to come along and join in. You get to play with or against them in some doubles matches to see what it takes to play in the club and at the same time the club gets to see how you are doing and what might be the best next step for you.

I am sure there will be food and drink in the bar, to keep the evening entertaining. Stay tuned for more information…